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4th  transnational meeting of the project management teams

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Dimitrovgrad, Serbia, July 6th, 2022

The final meeting of the project management teams was hosted by the Serbian partners from Osnovna Skola “Hristo Botev”. The project coordinators discussed the achieved results and planned the forthcoming tasks. It was a long and fruitful day with many activities.

Apart from working hard on the busy agenda, we also really enjoyed our last meeting – last within the project, but, with all the bonds created during the three years of the project life cycle, it will definitely not be the last one.


Category : Activities News

Final dissemination event of the YESI project
Serbia, Dimitrovgrad: 5 July 2022

The final dissemination event of the YESI project in Serbia was held in Dimitrovgrad on July 5, 2022.

54 representatives of schools and the civil sector participated in the event – teachers and principals of preschools, primary and secondary schools and institutions of culture, social welfare and sports, as well as civil associations with which “Hristo Botev” Primary School cooperates in the field of supporting the personality development of students through various activities. The conference was attended by people from Dimitrovgrad, Pirot, Babushnica, Dragoman-Bulgaria and Cakovec-Croatia.

Katarina Simeonov, the project coordinator of the Serbian team, opened the event. She greeted the attendees and presented the objectives of the event. Daniela Kostov Peychev, a member of the project team, introduced the participants. The principal of “Hristo Botev” Primrary School, Mrs. Milena Stavrov, greeted everyone and emphasized the importance of the project for the school.

The moderator of the event, Katarina Simeonov, introduced the participants to Elena Lazarova – a representative of the leading partner in the YESI project, who, in her speech, presented various methods of non-formal education used in the project. The participants enthusiastically took part in the demonstrations of several methods. This activity caused great interest and approval because the participants learned about the methods through their personal experience, interactively and realized the importance and the benefits of teaching through NFE approaches.

Katarina Simeonov talked about the Erasmus+ program in Serbia and the opportunities it offers in the field of school education. The participants followed the speech with attention and expressed interest in applying for the Erasmus + program.

Mrs. Elena Lazarova presented the idea of the YESI project. She talked about the goals of the consortium, the cooperation among the project partners, the impact of the project, visible through the analysis of the surveys for students, which they filled in at the beginning and at the end of the implementation of the project activities.

The most important result of the project is the created Manual on Civic Education. Daniela Kostov Peychev introduced the participants to the Manual as a digital resource – the 36 lessons accompanied by numerous e-resources. The participants received instructions on how to use the lesson plans as well as specific parts of the lessons in the form of video materials.

The participants were introduced to the implementation of the project at “Hristo Botev” Primary School, after which the teachers who worked with their students on the project during the 2021/22 school year, presented their experience in the implementation of the training activities. First, Suzana Stankov, on behalf of the entire team, gave a general assessment of the implementation of the project at the school. Team members Ivana Dimitrov, Monika Vasov Jovanovich, Irena Gigov, Albena Kotev and Dragitsa Alexov also took part in the presentation. Everybody followed with attention and interest the impressions of the teachers and students.

At the end of the event, Katarina Simeonov invited the attendees to join the discussion and talk about their skills, experience and good practices. Supported by interesting presentations and speeches, the representatives of all institutions and associations were happy to talk about their experience in working for the benefit of children and young people, especially those from disadvantaged groups. They expressed satisfaction with the organization of the event, the information and the practical orientation of the knowledge they received.

The principal of “Hristo Botev” Primary School thanked everyone for their participation and contribution to the event and closed the conference.


– The school’s participation in the YESI project and the way the activities were implemented were highly appreciated;

– High degree of satisfaction with the organization of the event;

– The participants in the event are encouraged to participate in the Erasmus+ program;

– A local network of collaborators has been built. In the future they will work even more diligently for the benefit of children and support those who wish to participate in similar projects.


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